Monday, 10 January 2011

How To Prosper Personally And Save The World

As Emrys I am called to teach and preach on The Matter Of Britain. My message is a national one, specifically to the peoples of Britain. The Bible is a national book in that, in both Old and New Testaments, it is addressed to the nation of Israel. My particular calling is to tell the indigenous peoples of the British Isles that they are descended from the biblical tribes of Israel. Isaiah 51:16 is the commissioning text for our church and ministry. Of course, some are not ready to hear that. We have two main "target" audiences - those who are Christians and those who are not. It is difficult for some Christians not necessarily to believe the message as to receive it and allow it to change them. Churchianity has strong conditioning but the truth will eventually penetrate even the most obstinate of programming. We are used to people showing interest then going all defensive as their churchianity kicks in. That's ok. It's tough finding out you don't know what you really need to.

I have been revisiting Isaiah chapter 51 recently in our meetings. The gist of the messages is that the answer to the recession we are presently being made to endure is that we are God's Israel people. Every problem in life is an identity problem for those who follow the Lord. That is, you mess up because you forget who you are. Nationally, this is the case with Britain. When the glorious outpouring of Pentecostal blessing first came to America and Europe at the turn of the 20th century, the wonderful truth of British Israel and the British Throne's descent from the Throne of David was widely taught and believed by multitudes. The early pioneers and founders of denominations in the UK like the Elim Movement and the Apostolic Church were all staunch proponents of our Israelite identity. Sadly, that truth has been obscured as the decades passed. See here for the story.

It has to be said that until this glorious truth is once more embraced by people in this nation, the awesome move of God people long for will not be manifest. This may enrage those who have their own ideas about revival but Yahweh is on the Throne and it is His purpose we must align ourselves with.

Anyway, I have been teaching in our meetings along these lines and trying to get across the powerful truth that to proclaim the truth of British Israel is to innoculate yourself from the effects of the recession. More than this, it is the truth of British Israel that will destroy the economy of Babylon and usher in the Kingdom of God economy. In essence, if you want to prosper personally and nationally, preach and teach that we are Israel.

I have testimony after testimony in my own life to the amazing effects of this. In the last few days I have been greatly blessed financially in my income and also seen a £4,000 debt miraculously cancelled! The reason is very simple: I am preaching this message more fervently than ever.

I am aware that some have an agenda for resisting and rejecting the truth of our national identity and destiny. As I said, churchianity is strong in its conditioning. But if you need to prosper financially, you may want to consider this very seriously. Only truth can align you to reality. And the reality is that we are blessed with all we ever will need already (Ephesians 1:3). Proclaiming the truth is what manifests these blessings.

This is so vital I am blogging it on my other blogs here and here.
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