Friday, 25 March 2011

Prayer That Brings Revival

Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.
1 PETER 2:17

This is a very powerful scripture because it perfectly describes the posture of the Church of Philadelphia. It is the perfect expression of how to balance, as it were, the tensions of allegiance we are supposed to have as Christians. 

There is a deep truth at the heart of this verse and it is this: you cannot honour all men if you do not honour the king. The biggest problem with the Church today is that Christians do not know how to honour people. This is why evangelistic endeavours bear so little fruit. Christians see "unsaved" people in a vampiristic way - they are there to "turn" into believers. If they do not convert, they are regarded as worthless by many Christians. Don't tell me this isn't so, I've been around this too long. Deep down you know it's true. And so do unbelievers; they smell our hidden agendas behind the facade of concern. You see, Jesus honours people. He never condemns or belittles.
A lack of honour is the biggest failing of the modern Church. This is no more evident than in the ambivalence shown by many Christians toward our monarchy here in the UK. Many believers forget that we live in a KINGDOM with a monarch anointed by God. No politician has this sacred calling. It is shocking that so many Christians ignore and even mock the monarchy in this nation. If you do not honour the sovereign, you cannot honour all men; the two are mutually inclusive of the other.

Paul charges us in 1 Timothy chapter 2 to pray for all men then immediately after says to pray for kings and all who are in authority. The reason is simple: God has set things up in such a way that the destiny of a nation and its people is inextricably linked with the destiny of its anointed monarch. As goes the Throne, so go the people. A good king can lead the people to peace and prosperity, to greatness and victory. A bad king will do the opposite. Thus to honour the king is to honour all men. To denigrate the king, even by a lack of prayer, is to dishonour all men. These are spiritual matters you cannot afford to ignore.

It is clear from a cursory reading of 1 Timothy 2:1-4 that praying for kings brings peace (manifested in things like reduced crime rates) and honesty back in to society. Such an environment is then conducive to men being saved i.e. a revival atmosphere. Anciently, kings were the harbringers of revival in biblical times e.g. Hezekiah, Josiah. That so many miss this is nothing short of criminal in a society so blighted by multiple problems like ours is.

It is my personal belief that our British Throne is the continuation of the Throne of David in the earth; the descent of our Royal House (and that of virtually every other European monarchy) can easily be traced back to King David. You might not share that belief but the importance of praying for kings still applies and is biblically mandated. Imagine a godly king upon the British Throne - a monarch sold out to Jesus, tongue-talking, devil-stomping, Word-preaching fanatic just like King David. What could God do with such a king? The Scottish preacher John McPhee had the vision of the King (Jesus) within the king on Britain's Throne. Yes, this is an Arthurian vision but it has also been reality more than once in our history. The need for it to be so again is greater than ever in this 21st century.

By praying for kings (and other leaders in Parliament, civil service, military, education etc) you are effectively praying the Kingdom of God down since heaven is a Kingdom ruled by a King and peopled with kings!! I am sure you would agree with me that Britain's best future is one where it is patterned after heaven. Praying for our monarchy is the best way to accomplish this. Seek God until He reveals this secret to you. Do not buy into the blatantly obvious disconnect of thinking kings were good in the past and the future is about a King called Jesus but as for today, we should be governed by politicians. I put my faith in an anointed sovereign over a self-serving politician any day. Yes, we have had bad monarchs but we have had some shocking prime ministers too. Ultimately, we are ruled by one person in all our forms of government so why not stick with the Bible one?

A new book on the descent of Queen Elizabeth II from the biblical King David is available. It is called Daughters Of Destiny and is authored by Glyn Lewis. Price is £9.50. If you want to get this fascinating book, email me and I will send you a copy along with some free books. If you don't want this book but would like to read more on the importance of praying for kings, email me and I will send you a free copy of my book The Key Of David.

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