Monday, 26 December 2011

No Other Name...

Sometimes I come across things which provoke my spirit. Today I noticed an ongoing discussion in my Facebook ticker concerning whether or not people of other faiths could be considered brothers and sisters in Christ. A pastor friend of mine – Andy Dempsey of Freedom Church in Uddingston – was the discordant note in the conversation. He was arguing for the exclusivity of Christ. From what I could gather, those who opposed him and argued for the brotherhood with people of other faiths, were all people who regarded themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. I was stupefied. I try to shun “debates” on matters like this. As it was, I couldn’t contribute to the discussion anyway since I am not a Facebook friend of the person who started it.

Let me be clear about one thing. I am no hater of other faiths. I do think that there is a “witch hunt” approach to non-Christian faiths by some Christian people. I have even written a book called The Conspiracy Against Muslims. Unlike many Christians, I don’t see Muslims as a threat; quite the opposite. But I would never call any man or woman a brother or sister in Christ unless they were Christians. That is a fundamental to me. I don’t see how any Christian could see or say it otherwise. To call a Buddhist, a Judaizer, a Muslim or a Hindu “brother” is to denigrate Christ. To a genuine follower of Jesus, this is unthinkable. It’s not an issue of which faith is superior; it is an issue of who is Lord?

The Lordship of Christ is foundational and fundamental. It cannot be reasoned with or reasoned away. It is not in our remit to bargain it down by sharing it with Buddha, Mohammed or other created beings. Christ saves and He alone. Salvation is in no other Name. What is interesting about this online debate is it started with a reference to the Queen’s Christmas Day speech in which she boldly proclaimed the exclusive rights of Christ and His saving power. Many Christians traditionally get frustrated by the Queen’s Speech as it is often appallingly and disappointingly multi-faith. Yet on this occasion, Her Majesty delivered a potent message that exalts Christ and people who call themselves Christians immediately talk about being “brothers and sisters” with people of other faiths.

This reference to the brotherhood of man may seem harmless and to speak against it may appear trivial and petty. Yet the terms “brother” and “sister” applied to each other as Christians reflect the reality that we have been called from the darkness of this world into a special family where God is our Father. This could only happen by and in Christ Jesus. It is not for “good” people of all faiths or none. It is for people saved from sin. To say otherwise is to treat Christ’s death and sacrifice as meaningless. The Queen in her speech said we need a Saviour. Sadly, some who name the Name of Christ don’t seem to agree with her. Well done to Andy Dempsey for speaking out against this folly.

Let us remember that it is not arrogance to claim that Christ alone saves; it is arrogance to proclaim otherwise. Calling people of other faiths our brothers and sisters is to undermine who Christ is and what He has done for us. This is shocking arrogance and comes from an improper understanding of our relationship with the Lord. A lot of Christians today need to go back and get saved again the old-fashioned way! Jesus isn’t our guru – He is Lord of all!

Also there is absolutely no salvation in any other, because there is absolutely no other name under heaven given among men in which we must be saved.

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