Thursday, 9 October 2014

Man Down!

First off, Rory and Wendy Alec's marriage is none of my business. Or anyone else's unless you are immediate family.

Saying that, the fallout of their recent marital split is arguably every believer's business because of the prominence the Alecs have, not only in Christian circles but in wider ones.

So here's my tuppence worth.

I met the Alecs many years ago when they were starting off. They visited a church I was involved in and were doing the rounds trying to whip up support and money. You couldn't doubt their fervency or fault their devotion to the cause.

I haven't always agreed with them and sometimes cringed at some things - Rory's dress sense, for one. I am not saying that to be nasty, just being honest. If ever a guy needed a makeover, it was Rory.

The one thing you could not decry them for was a lack of passion. They maintained the same childlike enthusiasm even when it could almost be expected that a more worldly wise cynicism would have crept in.

When they got excited - which seemed like every show - they were genuinely excited. Equally, you could sometimes see how much their hairy lifestyle pummelled them.

Cynics will say they have done well out of GOD TV and can perhaps now afford the luxurious lifestyle which is more conducive to affairs and such. Remember King David didn't see Bathsheba while he was out on manoeuvres with his men.

You can also wonder how much of viewer donations has helped fund Rory in his mid-life crisis affair.

Which sounds like I am putting the boot into the man. Far from it. I grieve for him and feel nothing but sympathy for him. He failed us all but that in itself elicits a heart response which shows us our own spiritual condition before the Lord. Are we decrying and condemning him for being a cur or are we grieving that one of our brothers has fallen? A brother who knows more than most what it is to bear the massive responsibility of a global ministry while under endless spiritual and human assault.

Rory Alec has shown that he is human. Superhuman and Christlike in his spirit as every believer is (adherence to WoF doctrine duly taken care of) but, as our own failures often remind us, we have such treasure in earthen vessels.

Every day I live I become more aware of how important it is that we live in the Word and confess who we are in Christ. But when you read of scandals like the one that has engulfed GOD TV it reminds us that everything we are and everything we have is by and through grace. And we live by His mercy.

Rory has clearly hit a wall and decided he has had enough of the never-ending pressure. That is easy to understand. His finding solace with another woman is harder to take but equally as understandable if we are being honest. That is no slight on Wendy in any way. It's just the brutal reality of a man who was expected to be perfect all the time. Only those who have known what it is to come to the end of themselves can know what it feels like to be in that position. You don't need to be a famous name but the fame compounds it.

Of course, Wendy has been betrayed and that isn't a light matter. She has been left the burden of running the ministry but will be able to draw on a lot of support in that. It remains to be seen whether she pays the price of Rory's failure in terms of viewer and donor support.

The bottom line is that the Alecs are victims in the war of the cosmos. As front-line soldiers, they have been dealt a very serious blow. Those who scoff at this and want to be Pharisaical are welcome to express those views where they will get the response they want.

The Christian life is all about the glory that is the indwelling Christ overcoming the weakness of the clay earth-suit we walk in. Sometimes the suit swallows the inner man and imprisons him. When that happens very visibly in others, we are told to meekly restore and pray for our brothers and sisters.

Sometimes this happens very publicly and spectacularly but it is the same for all, regardless.

We are perfect in Christ but not in our own flesh. When we step out of Christ, we can go splat on the pavement.

Rory Alec's fall is another reminder of the importance of staying in Christ. And we should pray for him, for Wendy and their children.

Personally, I will leave the condemnations and told-you-so's to others. Kicking a man when he is down is not in my remit.

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